Can be used to switch larger power and voltages to devices.

Could be used for a DC Motor or an AC Lamp.

Contact Ratings: 2A 120VAC / 2A 24VDC


Feed power into the terminal labeled NC (Normally Closed) when setup like the image below.

This will cause the relay to send power out of the center terminal normally and stop sending power when the relay is ON.

In most cases, you can leave the (Normally Open) terminal disconnected or you can connect it to something you want to turn ON when the Relay is ON.

Voltage Range

2.5 - 3.9V

Interface Type

Digital Output

Example Usage

from microbit import *

# turn the Relay ON
# connects NC to the center terminal

# wait 1 second

# turn the Relay OFF
# connects NO to the center terminal

This is an example of connecting the relay.