Schematic and Expansion Connectors

It’s easy to expand your CodeX with external hardware. There are two types of hardware expansion connections on the CodeX.


Expansion Headers J1 and J2

These 5-pin headers on the top of the board are labeled “Expansion”. They are designed to be compatible with CodeBot expansion boards, like the breadboard expansion

  • J1 is on the left

  • J2 is on the right

  • Pin-1 is the bottom pin of each connector

Peripheral Connectors 0, 1, 2, and 3

These 3-pin connectors provide +5V, GND, and a Signal line. They are suitable for directly connecting servos or any other peripheral you’d like to experiment with!

Note that to turn on the +5V power to these connectors you’ll need to use:


See for details of the IO pins connected to each connector.

Schematic Diagram

CodeX Schematic Rev-C