speed_controller – helper class to motion_controller

Simple speed controller.

The speed_controller module contains the SpeedController class.

SpeedController was made into a class for two reasons:

1) So it would be easier to have more than one SpeedController, each with their own tuning parameter(s).

2) The current controller is the simplest there is, and there are a lot of fancier (more tweakable) controllers that we might create in the future. By wrapping this code up in a class now, it will be easier to swap in fancier controllers (PI, PD, PID) in the future.

class speed_controller.SpeedController(kP)[source]

A minimal speed controller that implements Proportional control.

When you create one of these, you provide it a constant of proportionality. For example, 0.5 would correspond to 50%.

compute_power(target_speed, measured_speed, motor_power, min_motor_power, max_motor_power)[source]

Based on desired versus actual motor speed, compute a new power level that should help.

  • target_speed (number) – The speed you want.

  • measured_speed (number) – The speed you are currently at.

  • motor_power (int) – The motor power you are currently applying.

  • min_motor_power (int) – The minimum motor power you want to apply.

  • max_motor_power (int) – The maximum motor power you want to apply.


a power level as good or better than the one you had before.

Return type


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