Object Sensor

Object Sensor


Sometimes referred to as a Hunt Sensor.

It contains an LED that emits Infrared (IR) light, and a Phototransistor that detects IR light reflected from nearby objects.

Many uses such as object detection and line following.


Reads the IR reflected energy from an object.

Outputs HIGH if object is detected.

Outputs LOW if no object is detected.

You can rotate the blue trimmer resistor with a screwdriver to adjust the sensitivity of the hunt sensor.

NOTE: In some cases, the Object Sensor will not output a high enough value to trigger a digital output. You can always use the analog value and set the threshold yourself.

Voltage Range

3 - 5V

Interface Type

Digital Input

Example Usage

from microbit import *

# set pull to force the sensor to output digital

while True:
  hunt_val = pin0.read_digital()

  if hunt_val == 1:
    # object detected
    # ...do something
    # NO object detected
    # ...do something