Water Pump

Water Pump


This is a small water pump.

It is designed for vertical, submersible operations and can be used to transfer water from one location to another.


Apply a continuous voltage to run this water pump.

Do not connect directly to a micro:bit Digital Output, because the micro:bit cannot supply enough current to drive the pump.

Connect the pump to 3 - 4.5V DC (3 AA or AAA batteries is ideal) via the Relay peripheral.

You will also need to prime the pump, which can be done by squeezing water through the tube when it first starts up.

NOTE: The water pump draws a significant amount of current and can cause a micro:bit to get disconnected from a computer even if connected properly. You can supply the pump with an external power source, through the relay, to avoid any issues.

Voltage Range

3 - 4.5V

Interface Type

Digital Output

Example Usage

from microbit import *

# turn the Water Pump ON

# wait 1 second

# turn the Water Pump OFF

This is an example of how to hook up the water pump.